I Have Better Things To Do ....
  The kind of internet business that I run attracts a lot of negative attention, complaints, etc. I always had to worry about whether or not my hosting provider would take my servers offline. That happened a lot before I made the switch to CyberBunker.

Many hosting providers claim that they are “Bullet Proof”. However, my sites were taken down by multiple hosting providers after receiving complaints. Anyone can submit an abuse email, and if you are in the same business I am then you probably worry as much as I do about your sites.

Every time my sites were taken down I went through a huge amount of stress: quickly finding another hosting provider, quickly upload the sites to reduce the damage of being offline. It was very nerve racking, it always took more time than anticipated.

There was always the threat of my servers going down. I was never certain that I could continue to host at my current provider. The uncertainty was the worst part, I remember many sleepless nights, lying in bed not knowing if the next day would be the day I would have to move my sites again.
Then a friend told me that he has hosted his servers at CyberBunker without any problems for many years.
I know that his business is even more risky than mine is.

Although CyberBunker quoted a higher price than did my current hosting provider, I decided to give it a try. I was astonished to find out that I did not have to commit myself to anything, no contracts to sign. They did not even need to know who I was, and payments could be made anonymously.

Then the CyberBunker was really put to the test with my servers. A month after moving my servers to the CyberBunker, there was a DDoS attack on my servers. CyberBunker has a system in place that automatically blocked the attacking IPs after a few minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary happened! My sites stayed reachable and my attention was not even required. After a while the DDoS attack lost its effect and it was business as usual!

It’s typical that my kind of business generates a lot of complaints. I asked CyberBunker if they had received any abuse email for my account, and they said they didn’t know. They told me they usually store complaints in the Recycle Bin. Then I began to realize that my servers are really safe and secure at CyberBunker. They really keep me online “No Matter What”. It is exactly as they promised on their website.

Now, I feel much more relaxed and have time for other things like playing golf. No more sleepless nights, no more worries.
I recommend CyberBunker to my friends and anyone who just wants a hosting solution without problems.