Dell PowerEdge™ 1950
Dedicated Rack Server
The Dell PowerEdge™ 1950 dedicated rack server is the perfect fit for businesses that require high-powered processing capability. The slimline chassis holds a number of features that any high peformance computing clusters (HPCC) need to thrive. To customize your server just click on the "Show Options" tab below and choose from the options listed.
Dell PowerEdge
Dell PowerEdge 1950
Dedicated Rack Server
(Form Factor: 1U)

Combining Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processors, with advanced memory and I/O technology, these PowerEdge 1950 servers will handle your heavy workloads while providing you the extraordinary performance you expect from Dell.

CyberBunker offers the Dell PowerEdge™ 1950 in a variety of options to suit your organizations' specific computing needs. Since CyberBunker offers complete hardware customization, you can configure your Dell PowerEdge™ 1950 to meet your unique price and processing specifications, or simply select a preconfigured unit.

Form Factor: 1U Rack
Processors: Up to two quad core Intel® Xeons™ CPUs
Memory: Supports up to 64 GB ECC FBD DIMM
Hard Drives: Varies depending on configuration
Maximum Storage: Up to to 10TB of data in RAID5
Power Supply: Up to 2x 550 Watt PSU's
Network: Up to 6x 1Gbit/s Broadcom Gigabit NetXtreme Ethernet
              Cache: L2 cache; up to 4MB per processor
              Remote Management: DRAC KVM controller
Product Monthly Setup Info
Dell PowerEdge™ 1950 1U Dedicated Rack Server  195.-  75.- 
Processor CPU 
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4x Core Intel ® Xeon® 3.0 GHz  0.-  40.- 
Memory DIMM 
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2GB DDR3 ECC Server Memory  0.-  0.- 
Hard Disk Drives (HDD) 
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1x 73 GB SCSI 10K Hard Drive (No RAID)  0.-  0.- 
Power Supply Unit (PSU) 
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1x 670 Watt Power Supply   0.-  25.- 
Network Interface Card (NIC) 
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1x Broadcom Gigabit NetXtreme Ethernet   0.-  0.- 
Remote KVM  
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No Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC)   0.-  0.- 
Operating System (OS) 
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CentOS Latest Distribution (64-bit)   0.-  0.- 
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Fair Use Policy (FUP) ~ 3 TByte bandwidth  0.-  0.- 
Public IPv4 Addresses 
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1x IPv4  5.-  5.- 
Public IPv6 Addresses 
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0x IPv6  0.-  0.- 
Rack Space 
1U  10.-  10.- 
Colocation + Power  40.-  40.- 
Managed Services 
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No Managed Services  0.-  0.- 
Extra Services 
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"No Matter What" Services  0.-  0.- 
Grand Total  0.00   0.00   Euro