Hard Disk Drive Shredder
At CyberBunker, we are committed to protect all personal identifiable information, even in the event that you leave us. This page provides you with information on how CyberBunker prevents your personal information from being collected, shared or stored after you leave us.

After you are gone then we of course delete the email address and all other data we may have of you. This "all other data" would not be much because we do not collect or store any client related information anyway. See our Privacy Policy. After this point in time the client technically does not exist anymore.

However in order to exclude any possible risk and to continue to protect the business of our customers - even when they are no longer a customer - CyberBunker adopted a policy to make 100% sure all data is destroyed beyond recovery.

This includes the destruction of hard drives from customer's dedicated servers which are decommissioned for whatever reason.

As you probably know erasing or degaussing hard drives does not guarantee that all of the information is non-retrievable.

Physical hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure for 100% that all data is permanently lost beyond any form of recovery. CyberBunker has implemented a secure and efficient in house destruction-only process to destroy hard drives.


That our method to shredder our hard disk drives is not exaggerated may proof the footage of our surveillance cameras which show "suspicious" garbage collectors taking away our garbage - that has been put outside the fence - shortly before the regular garbage truck arrives. These "weird" events have been recorded multiple times. But may be we are a bit paranoid and see it all wrong. May be these people just love impossible 3D jigsaw puzzles. Anyway, we wish them good luck.

CyberBunker helps to keep your peace of mind, even if you are no longer a CyberBunker customer.