Special Offer - MONSTER
This service is for clients who need an very high amound of processing power and want to host processor intensive applications which need to stay online no matter what. However most clients do not need such a monster with 16 core Intel® Xeon® CPUs. Then please go here.

CentOS OpenSuse Debian Ubuntu
Windows FreeBSD VMware ESXi™ Proxmox
Please choose one of the Operating Systems listed above and mention it when your order. Please contact us if you would like to have any other OS installed.
We will install any OS for free.
Dell PowerEdge™ R900
Dedicated Rack Server
(No Virtual Server)

Designed with powerful virtualization capabilities, the Dell PowerEdge™ R900 4U dedicated rack server provides outstanding performance in a ultra stable server with 16 core Intel® Xeon® Processors and 128 GB of memory. The R900 streamlines deployment and provides ease-of-use in virtual infrastructures with factory-integrated hypervisors that can help simplify virtualization both now and in the future.

  • 4U Chassis Dedicated Rack Server
  • 16x Intel® Xeon® 3 GHz CPU
  • 128 GB DDR3 ECC Server Memory
  • 4x 146 GB SAS 15K Hard Drive (Hardware RAID5)
  • 2x Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • 1x Broadcom Gigabit NetXtreme Ethernet Uplink
  • Installed with the OS of your choice
  • Full SSH Root Access
  • Including Rack Space, Power and Colocation
  • Including 1 dedicated IPv4 number
  • Including Fair Use Policy (FUP) Bandwidth
  • Including our "No Matter What' services

Fair Use Policy (FUP) bandwidth is more than sufficient for most of our clients. However if you need more bandwidth, then check our unmetered bandwidth charges.

Recurring fee
(pay at once)
Dell Dedicated Server 
€ 250.- 
€ 300.- 
€ 3000.- 
4U Rack space 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
Colocation + Power 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
FUP Bandwidth 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
"No Matter What" Services 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
Grand Total 
€ 250.- 
€ 300.- 
€ 3000.- 

CyberBunker offers complete customization. If you want to configure your Dell PowerEdge™ dedicated rack server to meet your unique price and processing specifications then click here.

  • No contract or hosting agreement required.
  • No name or address details required.
  • Anonymous payments.
  • We accept wire (bank transfer), cash, bitcoin and Western Union only.
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