Volunteers Wanted

The founders of CyberBunker are currently building a giant secret datacenter bunker located in the beautiful forests of the Eiffel area in Germany. The facility consists of various office buildings and a large underground bunker complex.

The project is therefore unique because it initially will be runned entirely by volunteers. All volunteers are offered a private office, an own bedroom with Wi-Fi (very nice bandwidth), food and drinks (no alcohol), a very unique life experience and a chance to get a permanent job in the future.

Each time when permanent jobs are available, a selection from the eligible volunteers is made.

What can you do?
We mainly look at the skills you have. We need people for the installation of servers, for building and maintenance of the network, for redecorating rooms and operating and maintaining the bunker. Even when none of the skills above apply to you and you still want to join this very unique project then apply anyway. Perhaps we find something suitable for you.

Motivation is key.
With the right motivation you have the change to learn anything you want. Because this is a new datacenter all options are on the table. Maybe this is the opportunity to get the job you always wanted. In addition there are also possibilities to setup a project of your own. The possibilities are endless.

So if you have seen it all and you ask yourself the question "Is that all there is?", then here is your answer. Indeed, there is much more and you are invited to become a part of it. You just have to contact us.

If you have a friend or partner who can be useful too then you are advised to apply together. We need some volunteers for the kitchen and garden too. Just apply. You never know.

So, do not hesitate any longer. Contact us and send your application now. Just send a message and tell us what you think you are good at. Things that you could do. Things that you want to learn, etc. Nothing fancy. A motivated message would be appreciated.

Volunteer now.