This service is for clients who do not want to host their own hardware at CyberBunker. A web-hosting account is a place on a webserver for your webbased software. The server hardware, routing equipment, etc. are located in a server room, maintained by CyberBunker. The server operating system is also maintained by CyberBunker, but the customer has sole responsibility for the website including its data. Customers have direct FTP access to the server to upload and update their website.

CyberBunker will take care that the webserver stays online no matter what. Due to the enormous success of our dedicated servers our web-hosting services are temporary sold out.

Fair Use Policy (FUP) bandwidth is more than sufficient for most of our clients.
However if you need more bandwidth, then check our unmetered bandwidth charges.
Secure Web-Hosting
On a shared dedicated webserver

Web-Hosting including hard disk space and bandwidth.
This offer is temporary unavailable till further notice.

  • Basic installation of approved software
  • Load, configure and test operating system
  • 24/7/365 system and network monitoring
  • File Transfer Protocol access (FTP)
  • Independent and redundant DNS Services
  • Supports MySQL, PHP, Flash and much more.
  • Including 1 IPv4 number
  • Including 64 IPv6 numbers
  • Including Fair Use Policy (FUP) Bandwidth
  • Including our "No Matter What' services

   Please contact us if you may have other or different requirements.

Setup Cost
Recurring fee
Per Month
Annual Fee
(pay at once)
Secure Hosting 25GB HDD 
€ 50.- 
€ 50.- 
€ 500.- 
Secure Hosting 50GB HDD 
€ 75.- 
€ 75.- 
€ 750.- 
Secure Hosting 100GB HDD 
€ 100.- 
€ 100.- 
€ 1000.- 
FUP Bandwidth 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
"No Matter What" Services 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 
€ 0.- 

  • No contract or hosting agreement required.
  • No name or address details required.
  • Anonymous payments. We accept wire, cash and Western Union only.

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